Murder at the County Fair

April 29, 2017

La Ferme Rouge - Patton, PA

"Betty Crocker Sponsoring Bake Off at Mayfield County Fair"


    It's "fair" time folks and it's sure to be the most exciting fair since the great tractor pull disaster of 1950.  Betty Crocker has chosen our own Mayfield County Fair to host a bake-off to chose the person who will host the new show "Cooking with Betty".  All the preliminary work has been done and the contestants have been chosen.  Each contestant will bake, from their own recipe, a cake, which will be judged and the winner will be on his or her way to Hollywood. 

    Our own Mayor Martha Campbell will be the master of ceremonies.  The contestants are all local people who you all have come to know and love.  Judy Campbell-Mathews, as you all know is the Mayor's daughter, is entering her own cake creation.  When asked about her cake Judy was not willing to give us even a little hint, not even the flavor.  She tells us it's top secret.

    George Davis, the local Mayfield Bank and Trust teller, will be entering his own version of the winning cake.  George is new to our town, moving here no more than a year ago.  When asked how he learned to bake he said "my momma was famous for her baked goods in my hometown and she taught me everything she knew, I've been baking since I was knee high to a grasshopper".

    Susan Parker, a waitress at the local Chuck Wagon Diner will be entering her very own recipe.  She thinks she is sure to be the winner because without any of us knowing it we have already tasted her cake recipe at the Chuck Wagon.  Apparently, Susan has spent many hours in the bakery there adding her own mouth watering cakes to the diner's already delicious dessert menu.  Now who among us doesn't sneak off to the diner at least once or twice a week to sample those delectable delights?

    Peter Mathews, the butcher at the Piggly Wiggle, apparently has a talent for baking.  He tells us once we taste his secret recipe we will never be satisfied with any other cake ever again.  That is a very profound statement folks I sure hope his cake will live up to it.  Peter says he is sure to be the winner.

    Those are the contestants for this bake-off and if truth be told, any one of them could be the winner.  Now I like the facts as much as anyone, but I also like to know what is going on behind the scenes.  I had to dig a little deeper to find out what is truly  happening with each one of these contestants.  Just like any other contest, tempers flare, jealousy raises her evil head, and back stabbing happens.  With the information I found it won't be long before all of these situations happen. 

    Most of you already know that Peter Mathews was once married to Judy Campbell, well it has been said that Mayor Campbell never liked Peter and the day that Judy left him was one of the best days of the Mayor's life.  Other told me that Peter hates the Mayor.  He said she is controlling and never accepted the fact that he was just a measly butcher, she wanted someone with money and class for her Judy.

    Susan and Judy have been rivals all through their high school years.  Some say Judy was always putting Susan down, saying she came from the wrong side of the tracks.  Judy was always one step ahead of Susan and that made a hate grow inside Susan that may just make this an interesting contest.

    George Davis is said to be a close friend of Henry Thomas's, which surprised all of us here in Mayfield because none of us have heard much about George.  Apparently he met Henry in college and then decided to come try out Mayfield for himself.  Seems odd to me that a city boy would come to such a small town.

    Henry Thomas is one of our very own, born and raised here in Mayfield.  He left town for college but kept true to his word and came back to help improve our little town.  He is Mayor Campbell's opponent in this year's mayoral election.  Henry is full of ideas and ways to grow Mayfield into a prosperous and growing town.  Mayor Campbell thinks he is still wet behind the ears and has no idea how to run a town.  It's sure to be a heated race, and we can expect to hear strong opinions about each candidate.

Let the games begin! 

Lucille Higgins,

Daily News Reporter                                                                          


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