Murder in the Enchanted Forest

April 27, 2019

La Ferme Rouge - Patton, PA

The Big Bad Wolf has called everyone to the forest, he says he is hosting a very special event and they will not want to miss it.  Rumor has it that it is some sort of competition between the most evil villains of fantasy land.  If you know anything about villains you know they cannot stand for one of their kind to beat them in anything. 

To date the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Smee, Curella de Vil, and the Sea Witch have accepted.  With all of these villains in one place there is no telling what might happen.  Villains don't play fair so there is sure to be lots of fighting and blood shed.  One has to wonder if the Big Bad Wolf is telling the truth or is he up to no good.  Just ask Little Red Riding Hood if she would trust that Big Bad Wolf.

No matter what happens or who dies, you are guaranteed a good time.  We will have lots of audience participation and games of chance for everyone to play.  Come dressed as your favorite fairy tale character or come as you are.  I would be careful if you come as a villain, we cannot guarantee they won't include you in their evil doings.   

                                       For reservations or more information contact us at:

814-954-1556 ext. 3

Credit cards accepted

The evening begins at 4:00

(doors open at 4:00)

$45.00 per person includes dinner and entertainment

Seating is limited, reservations are required

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