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Dinner Theatre – Oct. 10, 2021

October 10 @ 4:00 pm

Due to Covid-19, our 2020 Murder Mystery has been postponed to 2021.

Our new Murder Mystery event will be October 10, 2021.

Who doesn’t like a beautiful ocean cruise, so relaxing and fun, unless there is a murder on board.  Edmond Swills is the owner of a fleet of cruise ships, and the Sapphire Princess has been struggling to make a profit the past few years.  Edmund knew he had to make changes and he is on board today to make sure his new first mate is doing a good job.  Even though it is his honeymoon, it is always business before pleasure.  Bunny Swills just married Edmond and is not happy to be on this boat for her honeymoon.  She was expecting to be on the most elite ship Edmond owns.  She was sure this marriage would come with lots of perks, and this cruise is not acceptable.  Things had better improve or she will have to rethink her next move.

Captain Rosemary Waters has been navigating the Sapphire Princess for many years.  She is sick and tired of this rust bucket and is looking for a change.  Her attitude is definitely going to stand in her way.  Some say she is just plain mean.  Her dream job would be to captain a yacht, but who would be fool enough to hire her.  Edmond does own a private yacht and she has heard he is looking for a new captain.  How can she impress him enough that he would consider her for the job?  Maybe she should consider making trouble with the newlyweds.  That shouldn’t be hard being that Bunny is nothing more than a lowly playboy bunny. Hmmm, maybe she could be the next Mrs. Swills.

Jeremy Paddles is the new first mate hired by Mr. Swills about nine months ago.  His ultimate goal is to be captain.  In the short time he has been here he has made many improvements.  Up until now the cruise ship has been losing money.  The captain is the one who makes the orders and he has to carry them out.  Well, at least the captain thinks he carries them out.  If he followed her orders this ship would have sunk months ago.  He has to make sure Mr. Swills is impressed, he wants to navigate the Sapphire Princess.  But most of all he has to make sure Captain Waters is no longer available to continue as captain.

Jean-Luc La’mer the concierge on the Sapphire Princess.  What a lowly job this has turned into.  If only he could have kept his mouth shut he would still be on the Diamond Princess.  At least he knows his job is secure, with what he knows Swills doesn’t dare fire him.  How can he get back on the Diamond Princess before he loses his mind?

Anna Sedana Tides is the entertainment aboard the Sapphire Princess.  Rumor has it she is about to get the ax.  Anyone who has heard her perform will understand why this might be her last cruise.  How many times can the passengers hear the same old tired jokes?  How can she convince Mr. Swills that she is the perfect act for this ship?

Come and join us for a night of fun and entertainment.  Anything can happen while on a cruise.  Should we shout “Man Over Board!”

                           For reservations or more information contact us at:

                                            814-954-1556 ext. 3


                                               Credit cards accepted

                                                Doors open at 4:00pm

                            $45 per person includes dinner and entertainment

            (if using a credit card there will be an additional $2 per reservation)

                              Seating is Limited Reservations are Required


October 10
4:00 pm
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