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What is Pledge Together?

Pledge Together is a random volunteer drug screening program for grades six through twelve.  This program is a substance abuse prevention tool for students, designed to provide encouragement, guidance, and positive reinforcement to be drug free. Pledge Together is an innovative environmental program, which differs from educational curriculum-based prevention.  It will run in your school every minute of every day including weekends and holidays without prevention specialist coming to your school and taking up valuable class time.

Students participating in the program will pledge to live a drug-free lifestyle.  This will influence multiple aspects of their lives, including home, school, community, and peer groups, which creates an environmental change.  Pledge Together promotes healthy decisions and behaviors regarding substance use.  Each year participating students complete a detailed survey, which monitors usage, danger/risk, and interest.  The data is analyzed and trends are tracked, which permits Remembering ADAM to continually improve the program.

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How are Students Benefiting from Pledge Together?

Pledge Together provides students with tools to avoid substance use. Students’ belonging to a large group with the same commitment encourages them to continue living a drug-free lifestyle while avoiding the pressures of peer influence regarding substance use.  Participating students have expressed positive results from the program, which includes feeling less peer pressure to use substances, they have less interest in experimentation, they are more aware of the importance of being drug free, and they find it easier to say no when offered illegal substances.

Currently, we have around 1560 students are enrolled from 14 schools in our Pledge Together Program and learning how to make healthy decisions.

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Pledge Together Goes Virtual!

Remembering ADAM has moved into the “virtual world” with our Pledge Together Program.  When Covid-19 restrictions occurred, we had to rapidly adapt how students worked through the program. We are proud to have created a fully interactive virtual Pledge Together Program.

Students are able to safely log into their own account under their school district to complete the program each month.  Logging in each month provides students with current substance abuse prevention education and support for their healthy decisions. 

Get More Information Now!

The Pledge Together Program comes at no cost and is inexpensive and easy to adapt.  Technical assistance is free and available for the length of the program.  Won’t you please consider becoming a part of creating a healthier environment for all of your students and communities?  It’s simple!  Fill out the form and we will reach out to you as quickly as possible. Please visit our website, it is full of educational material for teachers, parents, and youth. 

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